Hercolubus or Red Planet

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Warning to Humanity
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Warning to Humanity

Hercolubus or Red Planet“Hercolubus or Red Planet” is a warning to Humanity about the proximity to Earth of the Planet Hercolubus. This is an enormous planet whose great gravitating power will provoke in our planet multiple earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, etc., that will be increasing in intensity until provoking the total destruction of this Humanity.

In this book, V.M. Rabolú describes the catastrophic events that will happen soon to all of us, some of which we are already witnessing, and the necessary formula to escape from them.

Along with the purpose and sense of this book, the non-profit Ediciones Humanidad (Honduras) is established; the sole activity being the diffusion of the book “Hercolubus or Red Planet” in the easiest and most accessible possible way for everyone.

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